Weare, NH animal control officer rescues 2 dogs from swimming pool

Weare, N.H. animal control officer rescues 2 dogs from swimming pool

WEARE, N.H. — Police officers are here to protect and serve, even for our furry friends.

The Weare, New Hampshire Police Department posted on Wednesday saying Animal Control Officer Katelyn Ricker saved two dogs who were stuck in a swimming pool Wednesday morning.

The two huskies were stuck inside a pool while no one was home. If it hadn't been for Officer Ricker, this story could have had a terrible ending.

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Officer Ricker said she was called to the area after someone had reported three dogs running loose, but when she got there, she only found one of the dogs.

"I heard scratching noises, that's what kinda [what] caught my attention so when I looked to my right I had seen one of the dogs' heads pop up, trying to get out of the pool," said Officer Ricker.

With only a ladder in the pool, there was no way the pups could've gotten out on their own.

That's when Officer Ricker grabbed them by the scruff of their necks and pulled them to safety.

"They were a good size, but it was [the] adrenaline that kicked in, I wasn't even thinking about how heavy they were, I just wanted to get them out not knowing how long they were in there for," said Officer Ricker. "I know that if I didn't catch them or see them there or we had maybe gone there later who knows, that's always the unknown."

"Please remember to secure access to pools and to keep your dogs contained to their yard and under your control," the department said in the Facebook post.

At the time, the owners were at work. After the fact, they told Ricker they are forever thankful she spotted the dogs and brought them to safety.

The Weare Police Department would like to acknowledge Animal Control Officer Ricker for saving 2 dogs who were stuck in...

Posted by Weare Police Department on Wednesday, October 16, 2019