Water service in parts of Boxford disrupted after explosion

BOXFORD, Mass. — Fire officials in Boxford were on the scene of a small explosion that disrupted water service to more than 50 homes Friday night.

According to the fire department, the explosion happened at a water pumping station on Andrew’s Farm Road around 5:30 p.m.

“All of a sudden huge bang the ground shook and I heard all the glass shattering,” Brandan Shaw said. “I was walking thirty feet away if I was a couple minutes later I would've been right in front of it.”

Shaw said he was visiting a friend who lived nearby when the explosion occurred.

The Fire Marshal is working with the Boxford Fire Department to determine the cause.

“Basically what we've been in is a holding pattern of wait and see to see the exact cause of the explosion,” Boxford Fire Chief Brian Geiger said.

A water operator told FOX25 the likely cause is a 3,000 gallon pressure tank housed inside the building.

All 54 homes in the area were without water.