WATCH: Great white shark jumps out of water, snatches bait off hook

Great white shark sightings are becoming a thing this summer - with another run-in near Chatham.

A little over a week ago, the Albatross, a deep-sea fishing boat based in Dennis, took people fishing for flounder when they ran into something they didn't expect.

While a guest was reeling in his bait, a great white shark jumped out and tried to snatch away his catch.

"He missed it. And he came around again and went for a second swoop," said Andrew Gemme, the fisherman who watched the spectacle happen. "And we actually got the fish in the boat without the shark getting it. So that was pretty cool."

Hundreds of people have viewed the video on YouTube, hanging through 21 seconds of that scary and exciting encounter.

Chip Carrol, who captains the Albatross, said there is a reason for the more frequent shark sightings lately.

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"The sharks are here because the seals are here," he said. "Seals are here because the fish are here, fish are here because the baits here... and baits here because the water's clean."

That being said, seasoned fisherman know you can't fight a great white.

"He's the top dog, he's the big man," said Gemme. "He's like the bad, bad Leroy Brown - he's not afraid of anything."