Wareham Police officer taken to hospital for apparent fentanyl exposure

A Wareham Police officer was taken to the hospital after apparent fentanyl exposure while responding to a reported overdose, the department says.

Police say they were dispatched to the reported overdose Saturday evening, and the officer was the first to arrive to the scene.

The officer found a man unresponsive with another person attempting life-saving measures, and the officer then took over patient care and gave the man Narcan.

Police say the officer began to feel dizzy and disoriented. and a second ambulance was called to the scene.

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The officer was taken to Tobey Hospital where was treated by emergency room staff and released, and police say he was most likely exposed to fentanyl particles in the air.

Two other people were taken from the scene to Tobey Hospital for treatment, as well.

Police say the incident was the third overdose call of the day Saturday.