Vigil held to honor slain Lexington woman

Vigil held to honor slain Lexington woman

LEXINGTON, Mass. — About 100 people gathered together at a vigil on Sunday to honor the life of a Lexington woman killed last week. Police have already arrested her husband, charging him with murder.

Friends, neighbors and even people who didn’t know Shen Cai went to share memories and prayers for the woman. People were also able to make donations to her daughter and family for memorial services.

Cai's church members were also there, as well as other groups she volunteered with.

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People laid flowers as a tribute to her love for gardening and sang 'Amazing Grace' in both English and Chinese – her native language.

Police arrested Cai's husband, Hongyan Sun, a few days ago for allegedly killing her.

Investigators learned the couple was in the process of going through a divorce – and Cai expressed concerns about domestic violence to her friends. Her body was found in her car about a mile away from home.

Based on Cai's autopsy, police believe her husband strangled her to death.

But Sunday was about honoring her life, not the way she died.

"She is generous, she’s very sunny and she loves sports," said Hua Wang of the Chinese-American Association of Lexington. "[She] loves the flower, loves making food, and she's just really a most beautiful soul in our community."

"The circumstances of her death [are] so tragic," said Valerie Overton of Lexington. "And it's such a shock for many people, and many people are grieving."

Cai's husband was arraigned last week and is being held without bail until his next hearing next month.