Video shows thieves stealing Halloween decorations off Roxbury family's porch

Video shows thieves stealing Halloween decorations off Roxbury family's porch

Just like the Grinch tried to rob people of Christmas joy, thieves in Roxbury were caught on video stealing the spirit of Halloween.

One family put out footage of thieves who went on their front porch on Shabazz Way in Roxbury, who then proceeded to steal the family's Halloween decorations.

"It's very unfair," the victim named Jessica said. "We have nothing to celebrate with, no lights, nothing. We just put out decorations for the kids to enjoy and give out some candy. It's just ridiculous, very frustrating."

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Now, Jessica is hoping that the release of the footage can help in the search for justice.

"Someone needs to care," Jessica said. "That's why we want to get this out there and catch these guys. Let everyone know it's for the kids.

Jessica said the crime caught on camera includes the theft of two plastic, illuminated pumpkins, which she says is taking away from the festivities for her young nieces and nephews.

"It gets ruined, and it's just sad," Jessica said.

Now, neighbors are left to worry, after a theft during a time of celebration.

"I can't believe it," Susana Medina said. "This is crazy."

Medina, whose porch is decked out in Halloween decor, said she's disheartened by the suspects, but refuses to let them steal the spirit away.

"They can't do that to the neighborhood," Medina said. "We do the neighborhood for the little children, and give the candy and be happy everybody."

Boston Police confirm a report was filed in connection with the theft, but there is no indication on why the thieves targeted Jessica's home in particular or why they would want to take Halloween decorations.