Video of failed break-in at Brockton store gets viral attention

BROCKTON, Mass. — An attempted burglary at 2 Debi’s in Brockton has a store owner thankful and neighborhood residents laughing.

Surveillance video shows a minivan pull up, then after about 30 seconds the driver gets out and throws a rock at the glass door.

“He throws the rock and it comes back at him,” store owner Steve Davis said.

Davis said as he watched the video, all he could do was laugh.

“The first time I saw the video I was tearing I was laughing so hard. I said this has got to be the stupidest son of a b,” he said.

After the first toss, the would-be-burglar wasn’t ready to quit.

“Throws it again and it bounced back so hard the second time cause he used more power and the thing came and rolled under the car,” Davis said.

At this point, the man had enough and climbed into his car and drove away empty handed.

Davis said he called the cops but also posted the video on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

“I woke up this morning there was over 6000. This is nuts. Who’s looking at it?” he said.

Many of the people who watched the video left comments, and they all agreed with Davis.

“He’s got to be in the top five dumbest thieves I’ve ever seen.”