VIDEO: Bystander attempts to tackle Somerville robbery suspect

Police hunt for bank robber after shots fired at officers in Davis Square

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — A man on his way to work in Davis Square Wednesday morning helped thwart a man's attempt to rob a bank.

The search is on for the man who walked into a Somerville bank and fired shots at an officer, police say. But the cash he ran out of the bank with was recovered.

One customer told Boston 25 News the man fired a shot into the air after he walked in the front door. He also yelled something. Police say the man ran off after getting some money and what happened next was caught on video.

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Dave Powers is the one in the video who tries to slow down the fleeing bank robber. You then see a police officer continue chasing the suspect.

Somerville Police say the unidentified man walked into the Middlesex Federal Savings Bank on College Avenue, fired one shot into the air and then when a police officer responded, he fired more shots at the officer.

The man managed to get away after a huge police response and search, but because Dave Powers tried blocking him, the man dropped a bag that police say had a gun and money in it.

Powers was on his way to work at the time.

"I could tell he was being pursued by a police officer, so I was in a position and had enough I was just hoping to slow him down," Powers told Boston 25 News.

Police say they are not sure if the gun in the backpack was the actual weapon used so they are treating the suspect as being armed and dangerous.