Vaping advocates, shop owners rally outside State House

BOSTON — Dozens of people gathered outside of the State House Thursday to protest Governor Charlie Baker's four-month ban on the sale of vaping products.

With handwritten and professionally made signs, nearly 100 people who use and sell vaping products rallied Thursday in an attempt to get Baker to reconsider his all-out temporary ban on vaping products.

>> Baker declares public health emergency, bans sale of all vaping products

"Bring attention to hopefully the State House, Charlie Baker, that there was a lot of us who were able to stop smoking and stay off of smoking with vaping," said Daniel Carr.

Many store owners were also in attendance to talk about how they are stuck with millions of dollars in inventory. They say they're laying people off and even if the ban is lifted after four months, it'll be too late.

"The big impact was the sudden ban. Everyone was stuck with so much product. They had no chance to move it," said Michael Sheen, E-liquid distributor.

Owners of the many shops and distributors say the ban will shut them down within two months. At many vaping stores right now, owners have cleared the shelves. Sheen says he employed five people before the ban and he's had to lay off three already.

"You've got the holidays coming up in a month or two so this is a bad time. People have families," said Sheen.

Multiple lawsuits have also been filed in federal court to try to reverse the ban, although Baker has not shown that he has any intention to do so.

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