Uxbridge couple says gas station attack against them was racially motivated

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — A husband and wife from Uxbridge were on their way home from Florida this week and everything was going smooth until they pulled into a gas station in Virginia.

Bob says he and his wife Kathy, who asked FOX25 not to use their last name, were attacked by a random woman who shouted slurs at them and assaulted them with a hammer.

“I hear this lady, 2 pump islands over yelling something about a message. I'm like I don't know who she's talking to,” Bob said.

That’s when the woman approached them and began attacking.

“A young black woman gets in my face and starts yelling, you got a message from me you got a message for me with your fancy car, and fancy boat,” Bob said. “She's punching at me, she’s spitting.”

Bob has scratches on his face, and he says they believe the attack in Rutherglen, Virginia was racially motivated.

“Her hand came up, my glasses go flying, she was starting to scratch the hell out of my face,” he said.

Kathy was inside the store getting coffee, but as she came outside and saw what was going on, the woman changed began going after her.

“She ran over to me, and started to come towards me. She looked at me and said ‘I'm so sick of you white [expletives],’” Kathy said.

The suspect took off, but a witness managed to get a picture of her car. Deputies said she’s been identified as 26-year-old Angela Jones of Newark, New Jersey. An arrest warrant has been issued, but Jones remains at large.

Kathy said she is so nervous and she has second thoughts on everyone now.