U.S. Senate race heats up one month out from primary election in Mass.

U.S. Senate race heats up one month out from primary election in Mass.

BOSTON — The race for the U.S. Senate seat is on between Rep. Joe Kennedy III and Sen. Ed Markey. Massachusetts voters will choose one of the Democrats in the primary election on September 1.

Many voters may even cast their ballot earlier, with mail-in ballots going out Monday.

“So the election basically starts tomorrow,” said Kennedy at an event Sunday.

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Kennedy was out campaigning Sunday, trying to take incumbent Sen. Ed Markey’s seat in the Senate. Markey was also out campaigning Sunday.

“I’ve been able to put more than 500 laws on the books, successfully legislating to protect the people of Massachusetts and our country, while at the same time advocating the Green New Deal [and] Medicare for All. Ready to transform our country to protect everyone with racial justice,” said Sen. Ed Markey in Somerville Sunday.

Markey defended his experience against the new voice that Kennedy would bring to the U.S. Senate, but both candidates agree that being able to vote by mail during this pandemic will be a great choice for Massachusetts voters.

“Either you protect our democracy and our health, or you put one at risk,” Rep. Kennedy said. “And we say, in order to vote, you have to roll the dice with your health, and that is an extremely dangerous thing to do for a democracy and our people. Or we can say let’s put the measures in place so that people can confidently vote while securing their own healthcare.”

“We want to send to the rest of the country a very strong signal, in this primary, that Massachusetts is proving that Donald Trump’s attempt to move the election is just going to be overwhelmed by people’s enthusiasm to vote by mail and in person,” Sen. Markey said.

Kennedy and Markey will be out sharing their message across Massachusetts in the coming weeks before voters choose one of them as the Democratic candidate on September 1.

“No election in Massachusetts has ever happened this way,” Kennedy said. “But it does mean you have a month to go out there and make your case and I am very much looking forward to it.”