Power restored to cruise ship on Buzzard's Bay

Luxury cruise ship being taken to Newport for inspection after sudden power failure in Buzzards Bay

BUZZARDS BAY, Mass. — The U.S. Coast Guard responded to a disabled cruise ship in Buzzards Bay with over 300 people onboard.

At 5:40 p.m., the USCG said power had been restored to the ship but that it was not pulling anchor.

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At around 5:00 p.m., the USCG said the ship was anchored and they were working on getting it towed. Coast Guard confirmed 350 people were onboard.

The Bourne Harbormaster told Boston 25 News the 376-feet long Star Pride ship lost power near Cutty Hunk Island.

"We felt some vibrations, and the vibrations last five to 10 seconds, and then we lost propulsion power and all the electrical power," Kirchener said.

Kirchener said the power loss lasted for about an hour and a half before power was restored.

USCG launched the Buzzards Bay Task Force and local units to assist in the response.

No injuries were reported.

The Star Pride was moving again by the end of the night, but not to its original destination.

"We are moving slowly, probably about three to four knots, I would guess," Jose Kirchener said. "It looks to me like we are moving in the opposite direction from the way we were headed to New York."

The Coast Guard released a statement, saying the ship was headed to Newport to be inspected.

"I think the concern of the Coast Guard is that, whatever fault caused the sudden interruption of power could theoretically happen again in the high traffic lanes going to New York."