• Ride-share driver accused of sexual assault in Ashland banned from Uber


    ASHLAND, Mass. - An Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting a rider in Ashland appeared in court Monday.

    Jose Arevalos Avalos, 37, was charged Friday with indecent assault and attempting to pay for sexual conduct.

    Authorities say the woman told police she was getting an Uber ride to work in Ashland when the driver offered her $100 for sex. Police say he then sexually assaulted her after she refused. 

    Uber employees helped police identify the driver through the woman's Uber app.

    Avalos posted bail, but can no longer driver for a ride-share service. He was also ordered to surrender his passport. He's due back in court next month. 

    Uber driver charged with sexually assaulting customer in Ashland

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