Two men injured after dog fight erupts at local park

Two men injured after dog fight erupts at local park

MASHPEE, Mass. — A confrontation between two dogs at a Cape Cod park injured both their walkers on Friday.

Emergency crews responded to a dog park in Mashpee at around 12:30 p.m. after a scruffle between two dogs.

Mashpee Fire Captain Kevin Long said one of the dogs is believed to be a pitbull while the other is likely a mutt.

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While out for a walk, the two dogs suddenly became confrontational with each other - to the point where their walkers tried to intervene.

"Something obviously happened between these two dogs that caused this to happen and the owners got in there to try and separate the dogs, and I think when you’ve got teeth going at it like that, you’ve just got to be careful," said Captain Long.

One of the men was reportedly bit in both arms and had to be rushed to Cape Cod Hospital, where he is expected to recover.

The other man sustained minor injuries to his hands and fingers, but walked away and declined hospitalization.

The fire department took the opportunity to remind people they are ready to respond to these types of incidents, but also to keep your dogs on a leash and to be responsible and aware at all times.

"Just keep your dog leashed and try to keep your dog under control," said Captain Long.

One of the dogs involved was taken to a vet and is recovering while the other has been quarantined.

Mashpee Police continue to investigate this incident.