• 12-year-old girl fulfills dream of organizing tree lighting of her own


    MEDWAY, Mass. - A 12-year-old girl from Medway fulfilled her dream of organizing her very own tree lighting and even started a tradition among her neighbors.

    To Faith Olson it's much more than just a tree lighting, it's a project she's been working on since Thanksgiving when a little light bulb popped right above her head.

    "We were watching Hallmark and they always have like a tree lighting, and I'm like 'well I want that too,'" said Faith.

    Faith was able to get the word out to Medway through social media about her dream, and soon sponsors started to step up.

    Some supplied cookies and hot chocolate, others helped with the tree. 

    "(It's) something that makes everyone feel special and maybe they'll even meet some new neighbors," Faith said.

    Faith's parents supported her efforts the entire way through, but you're mistaken if they were the ones doing all the work.

    "She consulted people about the logistics, the music, but she did all of that, and I'm really proud of her," said Nicole Olson, Faith's mother.

    On Sunday night, Faith's dream took a final shape on a snow covered spit of land on Village Street, where around 50 people gathered to celebrate.

    "It's pretty amazing she was able to accomplish this," said one resident.

    The seventh grader not only brought the Christmas spirit to those around her but also proved that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

    "If anybody else wants to do something like this, it's a good idea and it's possible," said Faith. 

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