Superheroes show off their stuff at Tufts Medical

BOSTON — They already have super strength and courage, and a few kids at Tufts Medical Center were able to show off with a Hollywood style photoshoot.

LA photographer Jaimie Trueblood came to Boston to shoot five pediatric “superheroes” at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts on Tuesday.

Trueblood brought all the gear to make sure the superheroes were completely ready for action. Each kid put on their toughest superhero faces for the camera.

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Twelve-year-old Ashlynn Hull from Dracut was Batgirl; Destiny Jardin, 14, from Westport, was a Ghostbuster; Mohammed Lessa, 12, from Westford, was Ironman; Dalton Bingham, 4, from Lowell, was Optimus Prime; Chloe Tierney, 6, from Pembroke, was Wonder Woman.

The Massachusetts Ghostbusters stopped by the photoshoot as a special surprise for Destiny.

"When you meet these kids with their positive attitudes and spark - these kids are the real heroes," said Trueblood.

Soon after the photoshoot, Trueblood and his partner Jesse Wilson will send the kids and their families the photos. All of this work is for Trueblood and Wilson's charity, titled For The Win Project. It gives children in special circumstances a chance to star in their very own superhero photoshoot.

"I was trying to find a way to thank the universe for our good fortune," said Trueboood, a father of four boys.

A few of the photos are Photoshopped onto Hollywood-style movie poster backgrounds by Wilson. Because of how long this can take, so far, For The Win has only been able to make five posters, but they have more in the works.

Professionally, Trueblood does photoshoots for movies, with credits including "The Amazing Spiderman", "Fast Five" and "Freedom Writers". Wilson works in marketing at Paramount. Trueblood connected with Tufts Medical Center after shooting "Ghostbusters." Some of the stars told them they had visited Tufts in Boston, so Trueblood gave them a call.

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"When you see the kids smile....that's the best part," he said.

All of the kids in the photoshoot are being treated for cancer at the Floating Hospital for Children.