President Trump responds to Boston 25 News' report on firefighters and cancer

WASHINGTON, DC — Firefighters battling cancer is now a topic of conversation in the Oval Office.

Boston 25 News anchor Blair Miller was invited to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss his reporting on the staggering risk firefighters face for just doing their jobs. The issue has reached the national stage after the Senate passed a bill this month that would create a national registry to track occupational cancer for firefighters nationwide.

In the meeting Tuesday, no video cameras or phones were allowed.

Blair Miller shared the numbers of Boston firefighters who have died from cancer. The President addressed the issue, but because he has not officially weighed in on the issue, his comments were off the record.

The White House said they would have someone to address the issue on camera, but they did not meet our Tuesday deadline.

The White House said this is an important issue and they're eager to see what lawmakers send to them on this.

The meeting at the White House came after Blair Miller appeared on the Dr. Oz show, where Oz highlighted the investigation into Boston’s bravest. Anchor Blair Miller also met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren about the issue and fast-tracking the bill in the Senate.

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The bill on a firefighter cancer registry is expected to pass the House in the coming weeks before heading to President Trump's desk.