Teen awakes from year-long coma with no knowledge of coronavirus pandemic

FILE PHOTO: A 19-year-old in England has started to emerge from a year-long coma. Now his family has to explain the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to him.

A British teen who had been in a coma for a year after being hit by a car has finally started to emerge but has no knowledge of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Joseph Flavill, 19, has been hospitalized since March 1, three weeks before England was put on a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, Reuters reported.

Since then, family members have not been able to be with him in person with his mother the only one allowed to visit but at a distance, CNN reported. The rest of the family were only able to communicate with him through a video link, Reuters reported.

Twice during his nearly year-long hospitalization, Flavill contracted COVID-19 and twice recovered from the illness.

But recently, Flavill started responding to commands, family members told Reuters.

He’s communicating through blinks — once for yes and twice for no.

But now his family is worried about how they will explain what has happened since last March.

“When he comes out of this, life will not be as he knows it at all. How do you describe it,” his aunt, Kate Yarbo, told CNN. “I think it’s going to be a shock. We’re all still processing it — I’m not sure you can ever actually describe how this pandemic feels.”

You can follow Joseph’s Journey here.

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