Shaq spreads smiles, pays off engagement ring for man

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Shaquille O’Neal says he just wants to make people smile and he did just that recently at a Georgia jewelry store.

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Shaq paid for a man’s engagement ring at the McDonough Zales location recently.

A video was posted to Instagram Tuesday that shows him giving his credit card to the store’s salesman and eventually shaking the soon-to-be groom’s hand, WSB reported.

Shaq said during NBA on TNT the man had appeared nervous and had asked store employees how much he had left to pay on the ring. At first the man didn’t want to take him up on the offer but Shaq persuaded him eventually.

Shaq has been known to surprise people out of the blue.

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He shared a story of meeting a mother who had a daughter with autism at a furniture store recently and he paid for the remainder of what she owed.

Patrick Martin said Shaq paid for his laptop at a McDonough Best Buy last year with Shaq telling him, “I like y’all, so get the nicest one in here and I’ll pay for it,” WSB reported.

Other people commented on the post that he had purchased iPads also, WSB reported.

Shaq spoke about the moment during NBA on TNT telling his co-hosts, “I’m just trying to make people smile. That’s all,” according to Bleacher Report.

As for the Zales shopping spree, Shaq reminded his co-hosts that he has a jewelry line at the retailer and that he was at the store to buy some hoop earrings.