Ronda Rousey suspended, fined for attacking referee during SummerSlam

Pro wrestler Ronda Rousey will not be appearing in the upcoming Friday Night SmackDown after she attacked a referee during SummerSlam, which resulted in a supposed fine and suspension.

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WWE announced Rousey’s punishment but did not say how much she will have to pay.

Rousey appeared to be upset with referee Dan Engler during her SmackDown Women’s Title Match held in Nashville over the weekend, People magazine reported.

Rousey said Engler missed Liv Morgan tapping out and instead counted a pinfall, WWE said.

Rousey grabbed Engler’s arm and flipped him to the floor, pinning him until another official broke it up.

Frequently a wrestler will plan something that will cause them to be suspended to take time off, according to People magazine.

The wrestler also took to social media on Monday to challenge the WWE calling her opponents “your golden girls,” People magazine reported.

Rousey has been suspended in the past for going after an official.

She was suspended from Monday Night RAW for 30 days after she appeared to attack wrestler Alexa Bliss, Raw general manager and retired wrestler Kurt Angle and several referees, People magazine reported.

WWE did not say how long Rousey will be suspended this time, according to Bleacher Report.