Puppy gets flight attendant as chaperone on 1000-mile journey to new home

Puppy gets flight attendant as chaperone on 1000-mile journey to new home
Marcel Stratten, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, volunteered for to deliver a newly adopted puppy from El Paso to Raleigh. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

EL PASO, Texas — A formally abandoned puppy headed to his new home was able to make three plane changes between El Paso, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina thanks to a Southwest flight attendant’s kindness.

A puppy found abandoned on the sizzling streets of El Paso is now a cross-country traveler thanks to one Southwest flight attendant who helped him reach his forever home. https://trib.al/eiBr0dn

Posted by KTSM 9 News on Saturday, August 8, 2020

An unidentified woman found puppies on the side of the road near El Paso, Texas, on a hot summer day according to Loretta Hyde with the Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

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“It was like 103 that day, and so she picked them up and called us and said ‘You know I just found these puppies, would you be willing to take them?’ and I said ‘Absolutely, bring them,’” Hyde told KTSM.

One of the puppies, Harris, found a home over 1,000 miles away in North Carolina, but the animal rescue agency couldn’t figure out how to get him there because a puppy would not be permitted to be transported alone.

“I made a call to one of my friends who works at Southwest and she goes, ‘No Loretta they can’t fly unchaperoned,’” Hyde told KTSM.

That’s when Marcel Stratten a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines volunteered for the job.

“It was Marcel who said ‘I happen to have two days off, -- I’ll fly to El Paso pick up the boy,’ -- she’s a flight attendant and she used her flying privileges to get him on Southwest and get him all the way to North Carolina,” explained Hyde.

Stratten said that Harris was very popular on the journey, which had three plane changes along the way.

“Everyone needed to see a little kindness and this puppy brought so much love. The two pilots I had, they took him for a walk in the airport and all the passengers on the plane were just wanting to see him,” Stratten told KTSM.