Prosecutors: USPS manager ran drugs through the mail

GREECE, N.Y. — Federal prosecutors have filed charges against a New York man whom they say was buying and selling mass quantities of drugs while working as the manager of a post office.

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In a criminal complaint, investigators said that agents used cameras, confidential informants and even went through Ralph Minni’s trash to seize evidence they said showed he was bringing in drugs from unknown sources and then either shipping them back out to be sold or selling them himself.

Court documents identify Minni as a USPS manager at a post office branch in Greece, New York.

Investigators suggested in the court paperwork that Minni may have supplied drugs to other USPS locations in New York. Grace Lopez, a USPS employee in Henrietta, allegedly told a confidential informant that she could “obtain ten pounds of marijuana through the mail every day.”

Ralph Minni Criminal Complaint by National Content Desk on Scribd

Lopez allegedly told the confidential informant that Minni was moving massive amounts of marijuana through the mail, saying he moved “thirty pounds or more at once.”

The affidavit alleges that the marijuana was brought in from an unknown source in California for $1,000 per pound and then sold for $1,900 per pound.

The U.S. Postal Service told WROC that it was made aware of the investigation and that the suspect no longer has access to USPS services.