Phoenix homeowners digging hole for tree find duffel bag full of guns

PHOENIX — A homeowner digging a hole to plant a tree found more than tangled roots underground. There was a duffel bag filled with rusted guns, authorities said.

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According to a tweet from the Phoenix Police Department, there were at least two rifles and two handguns, along with magazines of ammunition, KXNV reported.

The homeowners, who declined to be identified or interviewed, were digging the hole on Sunday afternoon, according to a Phoenix Police Department spokesperson.

It is unclear whether any of the weapons were involved in any crimes, and police said they would be investigating to determine if that was the case, KECY reported.

The family who owns the home has lived there for four years, KTVK reported. Before that, neighbors said renters stayed for various lengths of time.

“There was a lot of vandalism. They had broken walls and graffiti,” Yajaira Enriquez, a neighbor, told the television station. “I think one time they even had like a little party, and I think the cops have come to shut it down.”

“We’re very thankful for the family who called this in, to make sure that if they are connected later to something, obviously related to a crime that we have justice for that family as well,” Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, a spokesperson with the Phoenix Police Department, told KTVK.