Oregon toddler unhurt after falling 8 feet down air vent

Toddler rescued after falling 8 feet down air vent

COBURG, Ore. — A 10-month-old Oregon toddler was unhurt -- and unfazed -- after falling down an 8-foot air vent, KMTR reported.

Police and firefighters removed Kolson Reedy from the 1920s-era home, which was being renovated, the television station reported.

According to Kolson’s mother, Saydie Reedy, the boy was not crying and almost seemed annoyed to be taken from his new play spot, The Oregonian reported.

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“He didn’t break character once,” Reedy told the newspaper. “When the officer lifted him up out of the crawlspace and handed up, the first thing he did was glare at the officer.”

Reedy said she believed her 3-year-old son, Jackson, lifted up a floor vent in the home Jan. 15, KMTR reported. Reedy was doing the dishes and the boys were playing when it became quiet, she told the television station.

“I was getting ready to go check on the boys,” Reedy told KMTR. "My oldest came running to me calmly saying ‘baby in.’ He has apraxia, which is a speech disorder, and doesn’t communicate well.

“I searched the whole house for baby brother and noticed the vent gate was pulled up,” Reedy told the television station.

Police and firefighters who arrived at the scene began tearing up the floor, when one officer asked how to access the crawlspace in the home, the Oregonian reported.

Reedy called for help, and police and firefighters arrived at her house within five minutes. After starting to tear up the floor and bringing out a chainsaw, Reedy said one of the officers asked how to access the crawlspace.

The officer crawled into the space, removed the air duct and found Kolson, who was unharmed except for a few scratches, the newspaper reported.

Despite the happy outcome, Reedy said she was a little shaken after the baby’s fall.

No harm was done, but Reedy said she was unnerved by the incident.

“I was pretty anxious — I thought to myself, ‘Who loses a kid in a vent?’" Reedy told the Oregonian “But a lot of people have reached out and shared their own stories of things their kids have done.”

A 10-month-old boy fell down an air vent duct that was part of an old wood floor being renovated in an Oregon home.
A 10-month-old boy fell down an air vent duct that was part of an old wood floor being renovated in an Oregon home. (StockSnap/Pixabay)