Metal beam spears woman’s windshield, embeds into seat inches from her head

PHOENIX — An Arizona woman had luck on her side when a metal pole smashed through her windshield inches from her head.

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Last week, a pickup truck hauling a trailer hit a bump and caused the pole to fly through the air passing through Mandy Poff’s windshield, embedding the four-foot piece of metal in the back seat of her SUV, KPNX reported.

“It kind of bounced on the road and flipped up straight through my windshield by my face,” Poff told KSAZ. “[It] Went up and lodged itself into my car and into my back seat.”

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She was able to pull over and once she cleared the pieces of glass away, she realized she wasn’t hurt, but the image of the pole flying through the air is one she can’t shake.

“I can’t sleep,” Poff told KSAZ. “I’m terrified to be in a car. It went right by my face. It was terrifying.”

Poff is also having a difficult time dealing with insurance because the white pickup that was carrying the pole drove away and hasn’t been found, KSAZ reported.