Kentucky man arrested three times in four days, deputies say

CARLISLE COUNTY, Ky. — It has not been a good week for a Kentucky man. Devin Roberts has been arrested three times in four days, according to authorities.

Roberts, 32, of Bardwell, was arrested Thursday on a felony theft charge after he was accused of stealing equipment from the city of Bardwell, WPSD reported. Authorities said Roberts had tools, emergency lights, hydraulic pumps and other items in his possession that were worth more than $5,000, the television station reported.

Roberts posted bail, but on Saturday he was arrested again, WSIL reported. According to a news release from the Carlisle County Sheriff’s Office, Roberts was arrested after he was found passed out in the front seat of a running vehicle, the television station reported. Deputies were seeking Roberts after he allegedly tried to fight a teenage employee at a Bardwell grocery store.

Further investigation by deputies revealed Roberts left his 3-year-old son with an adult “who was also inebriated,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Roberts posted $2,500 bail for his Saturday arrest, WPSD reported, but on Sunday he was arrested again.

Deputies arrested Roberts for a third time on a charge of drinking and possessing alcohol, which violated the terms of his bail, the television station reported. Roberts was found in a vehicle, although he was not driving, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The driver of the vehicle, Gary Garrett, 54, was charged with first-degree driving under the influence, possession of a legend drug and having an open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle, WPSD reported.