Coronavirus: Alabama nurse starts fundraiser to support servers, bartenders

Alabama nurse starts GoFundMe to help service workers amid coronavirus outbreak

Times are tough for restaurant servers and bartenders. The coronavirus pandemic has closed or curtailed many of their businesses, and the workers, who rely on tips, are feeling the economic pinch.

An Alabama nurse decided to help out, establishing a GoFundMe page for workers in the Huntsville area.

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Chasen Uptain said he knows many service workers who are struggling, either from being laid off or from reductions in salaries.

"Some of them already live paycheck to paycheck, Uptain told WHNT. "Now that there are no checks coming in, I know several people who are having trouble paying rent.”

The GoFundMe page has a goal of $10,000, and 20 people have already donated more than $1,200. Uptain said he plans to give the money to service workers who are most in need, WHNT reported. He is hoping to provide each worker with at least a few hundred dollars.

“I know that almost everyone in this community has eaten at a restaurant down there, after a hard day’s work, (or) had a drink, it’s a good place to unwind," Uptain told the television station. “If it just takes a little bit of the sting out (for the workers), I’d just like to help if I can."

You can donate by clicking here.