Coronavirus: 96-year-old Georgia woman puts sewing skills to work to help nurses amid pandemic

Coronavirus: How to make fabric masks during COVID-19 pandemic

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — Nancy Williams, of Loganville, Georgia, has been sewing since she was a little girl. That’s saying something, because she’s 96 years old.

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But what she’s making with a needle and thread today is protecting lives.

“My daughter says it’s like a ‘war effort.’ It’s for the virus," she said. "And I hand them to anyone who wants one.”

From her room at the Retreat at Loganville senior living community, Williams is sewing masks for the entire staff.

“Her mother was a seamstress in Vienna, Georgia, where mother grew up. Mother picked it up back then, because they made everything they wore,” Williams’ daughter, Joan Ottinger, said.

Ottinger told WSB-TV′s Berndt Petersen that her mom’s sewing machine has always been her sidekick.

Back in the day, Williams even made clothes for Miss Georgia winners who went on to the Miss America pageant.

But now she’s sewing for the health care professionals at her senior living center, and her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the medical field.

It all means very much to her family.

“We’re very proud of her," Ottinger said.

Williams says she has made 150 masks so far. Her work has only just begun.

“I hope I can make enough. I can’t make enough for the whole world, but maybe I can make enough for the people around us here," she said.

Stock photo of a woman using a sewing machine.
Stock photo of a woman using a sewing machine. (Michael Moeller / EyeEm / Getty Images)