Company to give employees $300 to adopt cat, dog

Texas company gives employees money to adopt cats or dogs

AUSTIN, Texas — A company in Texas knows how big of a part that pets can play in employees’ lives.

Now they’re putting money behind that idea and will pay for pet adoptions.

The Zebra, which is based in Austin, will pay the expenses of up to $300 when an employee adopts a pet cat or dog. They also encourage new pet parents to take some paid time off to welcome Fido or Fluffy into the home, calling it “pawternity leave,” KTBC reported.

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Being a pet-friendly business is nothing new for the insurance comparison website company. The Zebra CEO Keith Melnick said in a news release that he used to take his Labrador into the office every day. Now that many employees are working from home, he wants others to experience the companionship he has with his pet.

At least six employees have adopted a pet using the workplace benefit, KEYE reported.

The adoption stipend started in January before the coronavirus pandemic hit. But Melnick says it is more important now that people have to social distance and work remotely, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The company currently has 250 employees, The Wall Street Journal reported.