Biden signs spending bill, government to remain open into new year

Pres. Joe Biden

President Joe Biden signed the spending bill passed by the House and Senate earlier this week, keeping the government open through the start of 2024.

He signed the bill during a dinner at the Legion of Honor Museum for members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, The Associated Press reported.

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The bill passed this week with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, keeping spending at current levels for the budget year. For the first time, it gives two separate deadlines for a full-year appropriation bill. The first is Jan. 19 for military construction, veterans benefits, transportation, housing, urban development, agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and energy and water programs, Reuters reported. The rest of the government funding has a deadline of Feb. 2.

It does not include money the Biden administration requested for Ukraine and Israel, humanitarian aid for Palestinians or border security, the AP reported. Those funding requests are expected to be debated after Thanksgiving.

The plan was pushed by House Speaker Mike Johnson, who has said he will not support any other stopgaps or continuing resolutions, the AP reported.