Annabelle doll to appear at Connecticut Casino

UNCASVILLE, Conn. — A doll that inspired a series of horror movies will be on display at a casino this fall.

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The doll will be on display at Mohegan Sun as part of a convention hosted by TCD Para-Con & Entertainment, LLC, The Stamford Advocate reported.

The event, scheduled for October 29 will feature Warren’s Occult Museum, which is where the Annabelle doll will be. Along with the original doll, an Annabelle doll from the 2019 movie, “Annabelle Comes Home” will also be on display.

The Annabelle doll, a vintage Raggedy Ann doll, was initially purchased as a gift in 1970, but after a number of supposed strange occurrences the Warrens investigated and determined the doll was possessed by a “demonic spirit,” The Stamford Advocate reported.

It was the stories of the doll’s possession that inspired filmmakers to bring the doll to the silver screen. The Annabelle doll was first introduced to audiences in the 2013 movie “The Conjuring” and was compelling enough to earn its own movies, starring in three: “Annabelle” (2014), “Annabelle: Creation Story” (2017) and “Annabelle Comes Home” (2019), The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Tickets to see the dolls are being sold separately and in addition to tickets for the convention itself.