2020 Tip Challenge: Server at Florida restaurant ends year with $2,020 tip

A server at a Florida restaurant ended the year on a high note, receiving a $2,020 tip. — A server at a Florida restaurant ended the year on a high note, receiving a $2,020 tip.

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Dawn Sliger, a server at Masala Mantra, had been working to save for a car when she got the generous gratuity, WINK reported.

“I’m not looking for anything fancy, I had a $2,000 cap,” she said.

She was surprised when she looked at the signed bill.

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“The only thing else I could say was, ‘Do you wanna receipt for that?’ And we were all laughing so hard,” Sliger said. “You know for him to do that and to give, it just made my year.”

The man who gave the tip wanted to remain anonymous, WINK reported. He said Sliger’s passion for life was why he gave her the tip.

Sliger hopes to take the man to dinner when she gets the car.

“It’s definitely magical; that’s for sure,” Sliger said. “I’m excited to go into the new year and what a way to do that because of a simple act of kindness.”

$2020 Tip by a kind patron for our excellent server Dawn . We can’t stop smiling and feeling happy for Dawn. God bless...

Posted by Masala Mantra Indian Bistro on Thursday, December 31, 2020

The tip comes about a week after a customer left a $2,020 tip at another Florida restaurant. South Shore Pizza in Ruskin, Florida, was given the monumental tip, which was split among employees with each person getting $80, United Press International reported.

All of our employees would like to thank the generous customer who tipped $2020 on a large pizza and 8 piece wing order....

Posted by South Shore Pizza on Friday, December 18, 2020

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The 2020 Tip Challenge started when a Michigan server received a monumental $2,020 tip on a $23 bill. She later dined and tipped her server $20.20.

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Then on New Year’s Day, Donnie Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip for a server at IHOP. In November, Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip on a $35.27 tab at a Massachusetts restaurant. His TV dad Tom Selleck was inspired by Wahlberg and earlier this year left a server at a New York restaurant a $2,020 tip.