• Woman sees unlicensed dentist, suffers 8-hour surgery, extreme damage, police say

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    A San Antonio man has been arrested, charged with practicing dentistry without a license. His arrest came after a woman accused him of doing an 8-hour surgery on her that ended with what is being considered “extreme damage” to her mouth.

    Isidro De Jesus Manjarres was taken to the Bexar County Jail on a $15,000 bond, The San Antonio Express-News reported.

    The woman said she met Manjarres at a restaurant when he told her he was a dentist. She told him she had been suffering from “sudden and severe dental pain,” police told the Express-News.

    They had agreed to an appointment in April at his home. After the examination, police said Manjarres told her that she’d need extractions and bridges installed for the cost of $3,600.

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    She returned to his home days later for the surgery, cash in hand. During the procedure, police said Manjarres gave her anesthesia 12 times, removed two teeth and ground down other teeth to prepare for bridges.

    The woman told police she was in so much pain that she thought she was going to die. After trying to get in touch with Manjarres about the pain, he said she may have an infection, which he apparently confirmed a few days later and gave the woman an antibiotic, The Express-News reported.

    She saw another dentist when the medication didn’t work. The second dentist said that Manjarres caused “extreme damage” to the woman’s mouth and that she needed treatment immediately to correct what had been done.

    When police spoke with Manjarres, he admitted he didn’t have a license to practice dentistry and that he was actually a dental lab tech. He also told police that he would do work in the past for dental offices on people with dentures or dental bridges, The Express-News reported.

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