Woman found dead in Costco parking lot possibly mauled by 3 dogs, police say

California Woman Found Dead in Costco Parking Lot Possibly Mauled by Dogs, Police Said

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Police investigating the death of a woman say she may have been mauled by multiple dogs.

KERO reported that the Bakersfield Police Department got a call Sunday morning when a woman's body was found in a Costco parking lot in Bakersfield, California.

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Bakersfield police Sgt. Nathan McCauley told the Los Angeles Times the woman had traumatic injuries, which investigators said were from a dog attack. The woman has not been identified, but police said she was homeless and in her late 30s or early 40s.

“We’re not sure if the dogs caused her death or if she had another medical issue,” McCauley said.

KGET reported that two of the dogs -- a pit bull terrier and a large mixed breed dog -- belonged to a business owner nearby. The third was a stray pit bull terrier who was in the area often, the business owner said, according to police.

"Officers are still looking for any evidence, (and) witnesses and the investigation is ongoing," Sgt. Sean Morphis of the Bakersfield Police Department said, according to KERO.

The dogs were taken in by animal control. One has been euthanized and the other two are scheduled to be euthanized.

Police said that though the woman was found in the parking lot, it does not look like the attack happened there, KGET reported. McCauley told the LA Times the woman may have been attacked by the dogs at an industrial yard near the store and ended up in the parking lot, based on evidence at the scene.

"It’s a very unusual occurrence, and without any witnesses or surveillance video, it’s hard to know exactly what caused this,” McCauley said.

The victim's identity will be released later, KERO reported.