WATCH: Toddler caught in blankets after 6-story fall from apartment balcony

Toddler Caught in Blankets After 6-Story Fall from Apartment Balcony in China

CHONGQING, China — A dramatic video captured the moment that good Samaritans caught a toddler who plummeted from the sixth floor of a high-rise in China.

According to CNN, witnesses quickly gathered blankets after they spotted the 3-year-old boy clutching the edge of a balcony Monday afternoon in Chongqing.

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"I held out the blanket along with others, all the while keeping my eyes on the child," Zhu Yanhui told China Central Television. "I looked at the blanket wondering whether we could catch him safely."

Thankfully, they did. The toddler soon lost his grip and fell, landing in the blanket, CNN reported. He was not hurt, authorities said.

According to the BBC, police said the child was home alone at the time. No further information was immediately available.