• WATCH: Mom records her 12-hour day after partner says she does nothing while he works

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    A stay-at-home mom has had it with her partner’s perception that she sits around the house all day doing nothing as he works outside the home.

    To prove that she’s just as busy as he is, and to stop his comments of “enjoy your day off” and “what have you done all day,” Gemma Chalmers, who lives in the UK, recently recorded a time-lapse video of her 12-hour day. 

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    She compressed the daylong activities into eight minutes and then posted the video on Facebook last week.

    The clip has been viewed more than 109,000 times.

    Many commenters gave support and commiserated with Chalmers, who works as a nail technician part-time, about her feelings and a day that she said leaves her exhausted, Yahoo reported.




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