• Teens playing with fireworks ignite brush fire near Phoenix, police say

    By: Bob D'Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    Three Arizona teenagers are accused of setting off fireworks that sparked a brush fire in north Phoenix, police said.

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    The teens, all 16, were questioned by police Tuesday, KNXV reported.

    According to Phoenix Fire officials, the two-alarm fire burned up and over a nearby mountain, KSAZ reported. However, crews were able to put out the fire before it threatened a nearby neighborhood, according to KNXV.

    The teens admitted to lighting the fireworks, Phoenix Fire Capt. Rob McDade told the television station.

    “The first thing I thought was oh my God is that my house? Is it my dog? What’s going on?" Jordan Sims, who lives nearby told KNXV. "It puts you kind of in like a panic mode, like am I going to have to pick everything up and get out of here within the next 30 minutes? We probably would not have been prepared for that.”

    It is illegal in Arizona to set off fireworks until June 24.

    “It’s illegal to set them off, it’s illegal to start a fire. They did admit to it pretty early so I think right now we are working with their parents and the fire investigators trying to figure out what really should be done out here," McDade told KNXV. “I'm sure the thrill of lighting off fireworks sounds pretty good  -- but you have to understand --- I mean even at the age of 16, this is a high brush(fire) season. All everything wants to do is catch on fire right now.”


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