• Senior's 'sounding white' yearbook quote goes viral

    By: Corvaya Jeffries, Palm Beach Post


    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It’s been a busy spring for Florida students. They’ve been making headlines left and right, and just daring the internet not to comment. 

    First, there was Milan Bolden-Morris in her Black Lives Matter prom dress. Then, this week, there was the diverse group of actors who turned Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” into a 10-minute stage play

    And now, there’s Savanna Tomlinson with a 10-word yearbook quote to take the cake: “Anything is possible when you sound Caucasian on the phone.” 

    Naturally, it went viral. 

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    Tomlinson told Buzzfeed News that the post was from a guy who claimed he had gotten a free plane ticket by using his "sound white" voice on the phone.

    "I thought it was funny, but when it came time to find a job or handle business, I caught myself using this so-called 'white' voice," she said to Buzzfeed News.

    That guy? He’s Jaboukie Young-White, a Chicago college student who said he got a free flight on United Airlines by sounding “white on the phone.” We know this because he posted it on Instagram. 

    His joke about the experience also went viral, and now he’s a popular comedian at 22 years old. 

    And before both Tomlinson and Young-White, there was the now-classic, “GET OUT OF MY CAUCASIAN HOUSE!”  That phrase brought Florida resident, Branden Miller from struggling to make ends meet to taking selfies with Solange at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

    Joanne the Scammer is his alter ego. She’s a middle-aged white woman living in Beverly Hills who wears stolen fur and blonde wigs. Why? To get what she wants, of course. 

    The birth of Joanne the Scammer happened after a video of Miller “talking white” went viral. 

    These posts generated a lively conversation across the internet.



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