• Police chase man on go-kart down California freeway

    By: Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    OAKLAND, Calif. - Police in Oakland, California, were involved in a strange chase Sunday.

    According to video posted on social media, a man on a go-kart appears to be making a run for it after police tried to pull him over.

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    A Snapchat user took explicit video of the chase and uploaded it to Twitter, where he goes by Tonka Dre, according to KRON.

    He uploaded another 10 second clip that shows the go cart is mostly open.



    "Every so often guys meet up to ride dirt bikes and go karts around Oakland," Tonka Dre told KRON.

    "This particular person on the go kart was the slowest and the last in the pack and that's why he was being chased by police."



    Whether or not the man was arrested is unclear.

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