Man uses tomahawk, gun to threaten neighbor during dispute

Martin Quimby (Via

A dispute between neighbors got so out of hand one man is behind bars charged with attempted homicide.

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Police tell said that two neighbors in Neshannock Township, Pennsylvania, got into an argument.

According to police, Martin Quimby told his neighbor he had 15 minutes to make amends or he was going to cut him to pieces.

Police said Quimby used a tomahawk and a 9mm gun to try to get through the neighbor’s door.

The neighbor, a man in his 70s, fired back, believing the person on the outside was going to get in.

The two men involved live kitty-corner to each other on Fairmont Avenue and there are only a few other houses on the street.

According to the criminal complaint, while Quimby was handcuffed and being put in a cruiser, he looked back and screamed at his neighbor to "enjoy breathing while he could because when he got out he was going to kill him."

According to police paperwork, Quimby continued to threaten his neighbor, making statements like "after he emptied the gun’s magazine into the door, he wished he had an AK-47 with a banana clip so he could have shot more."

Before this incident, Quimby's only encounter with law enforcement had been for a parking ticket. By all accounts, the two were friends previously.

Quimby is in jail. His neighbor was not hurt.