• Dog saves life of man injured, paralyzed in snow

    By: Natalie Dreier , Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    PETOSKEY, Mich. - A Michigan man is lucky to be alive after his dog protected him after a New Year's Eve accident.

    Bob, whose last name hasn't been released, ran outside in only his slippers, long johns and a shirt to get a log for his fireplace during a commerical break leading up to the New Year's Eve programming, The Petoskey News-Review reported.

    He slipped and fell, breaking his neck.

    Living on a farm in northern Michigan, Bob's closest neighbor, about a quarter mile away, didn't hear his calls for help, but his dog Kelsey did, WPBN reported.

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    Bob said she started barking and didn't stop much during the 20 hours he was paralyzed outside his home, where temperatures dipped to 24 degrees and the ground was covered in snow.

    He said his faithful dog also laid on top of him, keeping him warm, and licked his face and hands to keep him alert.

    Bob ended up losing consciousness, but eventually his neighbor heard Kelsey's howls and found him that evening.

    Bob's core temperature was under 70 degrees, he was in atrial fibrillation and had a disc herniation that compressed his spinal cord, but he was still alive and in the hospital, the News-Review reported.



    Doctors rushed him into surgery and reduced the pressure on his spinal cord. Soon after surgery, Bob was able to move again, but will need physical and occupational therapy to get his strength and full use back.

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