Doctor: Peak flu season is upon us; those with symptoms should stay home

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Many people may associate November and December with flu season, but a Texas doctor is issuing a reminder that peak flu season is actually February or March -- and says people should act to prevent the flu accordingly.

Emergency rooms in Lubbock, Texas are seeing an influx of flu patients, Dr. Juan Fitz told KCBD-TV.

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Doctors are urging patients to keep aware of flu symptoms, which include breathing problems, sudden dizziness, chest or abdominal pains and confusion. Anyone experiencing flu symptoms should stay home and contact a physician.

Fitz offered a few methods for treating symptoms.

“A lot of people say drink lots of orange juice. I tell people drink lemonade, it’s not as bad on the stomach," Fitz said. "If you have a sore throat, eat marshmallows, it coats the throat, or drink honey. Take a hot bath, it’ll help sweat it out a little bit.”

People should wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and cover their mouth when they cough, KCBD-TV reported.

It’s still not too late to get a flu shot, Fitz added.