'It's a miracle': Woman survives 5,000-foot fall after parachute fails to open

Woman survives 5,000 foot fall after parachute doesn’t open

A woman in Canada miraculously survived a fall of nearly a mile from an airplane after her parachute failed to open.

The 30-year-old woman, whose name was not released, was skydiving Saturday at Parachutisme Adrénaline in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. CBC reported. Her main and backup parachutes failed to open, and the woman fell more than 5,000 feet into a wooded area, CNN reported.

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The woman suffered several fractures, including broken vertebrae, CBC reported. Trois-Rivières police said the injuries were not life-threatening, the network reported. The woman was an experienced skydiver, police said.

"It's a miracle," witness Dennis Demers told Radio-Canada on Wednesday. "I don't know how a person can survive a fall from an airplane like that."

Océane Duplessis told CBC she was preparing to board a plane to dive when she witnessed the incident.

"We watched all the way to the end. We kept hoping something would happen," Duplessis told CBC. "We were very worried. Very."