• Town of Sandwich struggles with erosion issues ahead of winter storm season

    By: Robert Goulston


    SANDWICH, Mass. - As storm season nears, in Sandwich the aftermath of last year's brutal winter is still a huge issue.

    On Monday, the town received a donation from the town of Bourne in the form of some sand which will help them replenish their damaged beaches.

    As much of a help as this can be, however, the town desperately needs a lot more sand than what they've got.

    At this point, officials are trying to buy some time before they can launch a bigger project.

    Right now, the town needs more than 400,000 cubic yards of sand to fully restore Town Neck Beach, which was ravaged by strong winds and high tides back in March.

    The town planned to put a dent in the much needed sand back in 2016, but because of an issue with sand supply that year, they were only able to replenish about a quarter of what they needed. 

    "[It'll] give us a little extra protection for the winter," said Dave Deconto, of the Sandwich Department of Natural Resources. "Just for our portion of the project to get the 109 - I think it was 109 thousand cubic yards it was 3 million dollars."

    Sandwich says the bigger problem is the jetty on the north side of the canal. The sand is supposed to naturally come down towards Sandwich, but the jetty blocks it.

    "What's happening is that sand is being held up so that normal drift that goes down the coast where it deposits sand as it goes is not getting there," said DeConto.

    The town is now banking full approval for a project to mine the sand on the other side of the jetty and replenish Town Neck Beach. Residents hope these smaller projects don't end up costing more than the full replacement.

    Town officials are looking into some other options as well and hope to have some approvals by next week. In the meantime, everyone is hoping for a milder winter this year. 

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