Tires stolen, cars vandalized at Weymouth dealership

Tires stolen, cars vandalized at Weymouth dealership

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — A dozen cars were vandalized at a Weymouth car dealership overnight and the suspect(s) are still on the loose.

Labor Day business at Ocean Honda in Weymouth did not get off to a good start after finding a dozen brand new Hondas damaged. All of the tires were stolen, some windows were broken and lug nuts were found scattered on the ground.

One witness, who did not want to be identified, says he was driving by the dealership just after midnight.

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"When I came down around the corner, he pulled right out in front of me," he said.

The witness said he followed the maroon-colored Toyota minivan up the street. He believes he startled the driver in the van because his car, a Crown Victoria, looks like an unmarked police car.

Police say the suspect's car turned into a random person's driveway.

"I backed off. Left my light on him for a little while. He walked, walked right like he lived there. But I know he didn't live there," he said.

The witness said he also noticed the van's Rhode Island license plate was intentionally bent up so it was hard to see.

Police located the suspect's vehicle in the driveway. The homeowner who lives there didn't hear a thing but found fresh skid marks on her driveway.

Just about all of the tired that were removed were found piled up at the dealership. Police believe the suspects took off before loading them up.