Tire thieves strike again at commuter rail station in Mansfield

MANSFIELD, Mass. — A string of thefts involving tires being stolen off cars at train stations have left many commuters frustrated.

This time, thieves targeted a car at the Mansfield commuter rail parking lot.

Commuters who routinely take the train from Mansfield to Boston for work are now saying they feel unsafe leaving their cars parked there all day.

This week, someone stole all four tires off a Toyota Camry while the driver was at work.

"It's awful, I think they need to get some kind of security over here, if they expect people to pay, you expect some security," said Lisa Clinton, a commuter.

Clinton says she commutes to Boston from Mansfield everyday, and that it costs her $80 a month to park her car at the commuter rail parking lot.

"People pay money to park in this parking lot so there should be cameras or at least something here that's watching over the cars that are sitting here for twelve hours a day," said Clinton.

Elyse Doherty, another frequent commuter, says the stolen tires isn't the only problem - two of her car windows were smashed recently while she was at work.

"There was nothing in my car to steal, so they literally just shattered all the windows and just left and destroyed they whole back seat and everything," Doherty said. "It's just the perfect target because there's no one here."

She says she contacted police, but there wasn't much they could do.

Commuters say something should be done to prevent these thefts from happening if there's nothing they can do after the incident has occurred.

"You wanna come home from work and not find your tires are missing from your car," said Clinton.