Car owners wake to find tires, rims stolen from vehicles

BURLINGTON, Mass. — Two drivers in Burlington woke up on Sunday morning to find their tires and rims stolen from their cars.

Both vehicles were Honda Accords, the most commonly stolen car in the United States, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

One of the cars was left propped up on cinder blocks, while the other was found propped up on milk crates.

Residents of the Avalon Apartment complex where the theft happened say they're shocked something like this happened.

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"It’s expensive, people can’t afford stuff like this, I can’t and it’s disappointing that stuff like this has to happen to hard working people -- they get up in the morning and want to go shopping or get a coffee and they find their car like this," one of the victims said.

Police said the thefts most likely happened overnight and weren't discovered until the morning.