• Thief breaks into 16 cars in Milton, police searching for suspect


    MILTON, Mass. – Police in Milton are investigating after more than a dozen cars were broken into over the weekend.

    Police said all 16 vehicles were locked, but that didn’t stop the vandals from getting in.

    “They were able to hit quite a number of cars and not get caught,” Amy Robins said.

    Many cars had their windows smashed.

    “I went out the next morning to take the car out and saw glass all over the driveway,” Liz, a victim who asked not to share her identity, said.

    The driver’s side window on Liz’s car had been broken and the car had been ransacked.

    “Nothing was taken, the compartments were all open but nothing was taken,” she said.

    Police say this was unusual because the cars were vandalized all over town, from high end areas like Adams Street and Cary Avenue to Governors Road and quiet normally safe areas like Westvale. 

    “Surprising. You don’t think it would happen in a neighborhood like this or a town like this. But it happens everywhere I guess,” Westvale resident Mat Gale said.

    Police believe a punch tool was used to quietly shatter the glass and not trigger alarms.

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    “We actually live on a pretty busy corner so I was surprised that our car was hit,” Robins said.

    Neighbors will do what they can to keep watch but hope police catch whoever did this fast.

    “I would hope this wouldn’t happen again and that they can prevent this in the future,” Robins said.

    The thief didn’t get much, just a pair of skis and some loose change. Police tell Boston 25 News they believe these car breaks are all related and that they have a good lead on a suspect. 


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