• 'The storm really rocked this town': Red Cross bringing aid to Hull, South Shore


    HULL, Mass. - Disaster relief trucks were a welcome sight in communities like Hull Tuesday.

    Volunteers with the American Red Cross were delivering supplies to coastal towns still recovering from Friday's nor'easter.

    They delivered clean up kits to homes, the fire department and the Hull senior center.

    “The water came from across the hall. The rugs in my hallway were soaked,” Hull resident Ann Kenney said. 

    We were with a team handing out supplies today in Hull, mindful that the next storm is just around the corner. 

    “This storm really rocked this town, the waves were crazy, the winds were crazy and we're stuck here not able to get out,” Hull resident Valerie Kaufman said. 

    Jeff Hall with the American Red Cross says seven trucks have delivered some 600 clean up kits and counting to several communities.

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    “They're carrying clean up kits, snacks and food for people that still might be without power,” Hall said. “Scituate, Marshfield, Hull, we're out on the cape. We were in Provincetown yesterday." 

    The volunteers are helping residents get back to normal.

    “The greatest traditions with the American spirit really come out with a bad storm,” volunteer Craig Wolfe said. 

    But help can come in the form of supplies or even just a hug. 

    “I think it's fantastic because a lot of people don't have a lot of supplies at home and they don't have money to buy them,” Kenney said. 

    The Red Cross stocks extra supplies at the fire departments in affected towns. The Red Cross will remain in those affected communities for the next week.

    “It's a little small town, but we all have big hearts. And, thank goodness for Red Cross,” Kaufman said of Hull. “There's so many people down here that need so much more." 

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