New Hampshire teen raises thousands for cancer research in three weeks

New Hampshire teen raises thousands for cancer research in three weeks

Sometimes close friendships grow even stronger during times of tragedy.

The Ramsay and Goldberg families have been friends for years.  It started when their eldest sons Wolfe and Miles became friends in daycare and then later with their younger siblings Will and Louis.

"We really feel like we've known the Goldbergs a long time and having seen the boys grow up. So, when Miles got sick, it was devastating” said Hadassah Ramsay, mother of Will and Wolfe.

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Miles Goldberg was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer back in 2015. The Goldbergs spent the next few months making the trek from New Hampshire down to Boston where Miles would undergo treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

"There were surgeries, there were more serious things that were going on and we both had to be away and be in Boston,” said Jen Goldberg. “So, Louis made the Ramsay house his second home".

The first round of treatment didn’t work, and cancer spread throughout his body. Miles Goldberg was 13 years old when he died in May of 2017.

"I definitely don't go a day without thinking about him," said Jen.

This year Will Ramsay turned 13.

"To turn 13, you know is an important milestone in the Jewish community," said Hadassah.

Will has been studying for his bar mitzvah. In Hebrew, the word “mitzvah” translates into "good deed." A passage in the Torah inspired him to do something in memory of Miles.

"If something bad happens, you have two options, do nothing about it, be sad about it or have the best attitude you can and do something good about it," said Will.

He wanted to raise money for the Jimmy Fund Clinic.  A place that brought Goldbergs comfort even at their darkest moments.

"I felt like my kid was the only kid their sometimes.  That's the level attention that they gave" said Jen.

Will decided he would run a half marathon, or 13 miles, and raising $13,000 for the Jimmy Fund.

"Miles was 13 when he died, I'm 13. Thirteen miles. It all kinds of lines up," said Will.

He reached his goal in just three weeks.

"It really is a deep emotional feeling that I have when I watch him putting this together and able to take on this project and to be thinking so much beyond himself,” said Hadassah, "I don't even know how to put words to that feeling. I don't think proud does it justice."

He finished the half marathon this past weekend, but now has a new goal to raise $18,000 before his bar mitzvah at the end of June, to help more families like the Goldbergs.

To donate and learn more, you can visit Will's fundraising page here.